Eurus Blower- Customized Air Solution for Your Needs

Eurus blower, they call it the blower customized for your need. Manufactured by “Surefin Mechanical Equipment” these Eurus blowers are truly customized for the customer’s demands. Whether the customer needs it for industrial application or for the domestic one, these blowers are manufactured by considering its need for application. For the simplicity of selection these Eurus blowers come in market under three categorized series, namely, ZG series, ZZ series, and MB series along with the combination series of ZG and MB models called ZG+MB series of Eurus blowers. Mainly, ZG+MB series and ZZ series are primary choices of the customers. To go by specifications, ZZ series provides, 15PSlg of pressure, 15^Hg vacuum and airflow of 2350CFM.
It gives precisely machined and balanced two-lobe rotor, versatility in the configurations and oil -grease lubrication system, etc. On other hand, ZG+MB series of Eurus blowers provides 15PSlg pressure, 15^HG vacuum and specified air pressure of 3950 CFM in main specifications. Therefore, both the blowers are designed for different airflow and vacuum pressure depending on customer’s need. This ZG+MB series of Eurus blowers is well-recognized for its low vibration, low noise and dual splash lubrication features.

Eurus Blower - Surefin Blowers

When it comes to choosing blower for specific need, it is important to be precise with requirements and cost comes as major aspect in process. Therefore, Surefin Mechanical Equipment provides blower packages for appropriate selection and customization of blowers. The package cost is always differentiated in installation and maintenance budget. Therefore, there are two blower packages available, so that customer’s basic installation and maintenance needs are fulfilled at considerably low cost. First of the blower packages is Standard blower package system. This is a fixed cost efficient blower package to fulfill all the specification needs such as set of pressure gauges, discharge thermometers and temperature switches. The package can be slightly integrated with VFD and HMI along with filters, inlet silencers and many more. Integration of system increases installation cost but it reduces maintenance ache for the end-user.

Positive-displacement-blower repair

Another blower package is called custom blower package. These custom packages are designed and manufactured according to customer’s demands for the primary purpose of durability. The purpose of durability and fine working of Eurus blowers is obtained by help of steel plates with X-bracing, steel stringers and metallic leg strips to intact the system at the place of installation. Noise, vibration and pulsation reduction equipments are standard installations in this package, where V-belt or direct drive configurations, pressure relief valves, temperature sensors etc. This makes the system more durable and safe to work on.

Owning and running a blower system is no exception to mechanical part maintenance. Therefore, Surefin also provides blower repair and maintenance services. These services involve overhauls, part replacement, performance testing, vibration analysis and balancing, blower control systems and sometimes at extreme cases blower replacement under period of warranty and service commitment to the customer by the company Surefin mechanical equipment. The company also provides free of cost pick-up and delivery of blower systems for ultimate satisfaction of the customers.

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